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18 year old teens suck old man cocks !



"I LOVE the taste of old men!" raves Eva S, an 18 year old student from Michigan. Eva is one of many young women in her school to admit that turning on Old Men is an immediate sexual turn-on for them...

Originally found joking their way through an online "adult-oriented" chat group, one of our producers at noticed that one of the women was from his home town. On further investigation, a meeting was immediately scheduled. It was a great success, providing us with up-to-date information while preserving their anonyminity. Their information is passed on to you here.

Following are selections of in-person interviews. Full interviews and contact information are found in the members-only area of


November 18, 2004


While her best friend expects a child in short of six months, Amy and Eva are "just getting started" making new relationships with the over-55 crowd around Flint.

"I've cherished old guys since I was dick high. Before I had breasts. Before I even had my fucking periods. I suppose a lot of is has to do with their cologne but I also like to hear their voices. You know, their words, which are so much more intelligent. I also like hair. God, I love hair on a guy. Not jungle, mind you, but real arm hair and scruffy hair around the neck and chin. Whiskers. Hell yes!"

Amy was first laid at 13. Now pushing 20, her most fondly remembered sexual encounters involved early oral episodes with the neighborhood insect exterminator. Eva has a somewhat similar background. Her sexual encounters actually started with her high-school teacher at 17. Since then, she has had sex with over five men of senior age ...

"Well, I started with Mr. [omitted], who was my math teacher and track coach. Then kind of accidentally got it on with his friend, who always hung around after school. Maybe he liked watching us run, I don't know. It wasn't long before I met another sweet guy, he was about 57, at one of the poker games at their house. About that point, I was really starting to yearn for more, so I enticed a neighbor, strictly by taking off my clothes in front of him, into my house. We made it. Then I got a guy from church. He's actually my Dad's friend, so don't tell him that!"

November 19, 2004

"He taught me how to blow it right!"


Meeting the girls for our second go-around was both easy and hard. Eva, who originally had the most excitement over speaking with us, found another man around age 49, who she decided to pursue straight out of school. Her friend Amy, on the other hand, brought along two more of her classmates and, almost astonishingly, they too had a senior-citizen fetish.

With an hour to spare at a local fast-food restaurant, they shared some of their secrets.

AMY: "I blew my first cock when I was 14. Didn't do so well I guess but then I met a guy -the exterminator guy I told you about- and he TAUGHT me how to blow it right. He was good. Really patient."

VEGA: " too! Can I say something? Yeah, like that's exactly how I started. Well kinda, except it was my older brother's friend's Dad. He came by looking for something we borrowed. I was swimming alone and when I came out of the pool to help him look, my top sort of fell halfway off. Anyway, he got a nice boob shot. As soon as we were back in the house, he turned around and kind of looked at me. It was a strange but exciting look. I didn't know what to do! I guess I sort of pulled my top back off. The next thing I knew, we were in my room and he was teaching me how to suck him. I loved it, it was so cool!"

AMY: "Hard at first, huh?"

VEGA: "I guess. I tried on my first boyfriend one time and it was pathetic. He kept squirming around. When I tried on [name omitted], he was so calm and precise. His dick was much older. Stronger, tougher I guess. It kind of reminded me of my Dad or something but I didn't care, it was his age that turned me on anyway. See, we're not allowed-"

HEATHER: "Exactly what I was going to say. We're not allowed by society to suck and get with old dudes or something. That's fucking bullshit. We should be able to screw any daddy we want. [all laugh] I'm serious! We're women now. We can use our bodies the way they were intended. If I want to have sex with a 65 year old man then I'm going to get him while I can!"

VEGA: "He might not be here tomorrow."

AMY: "Hey, you know any horny old men want to come fuck us!"

Our conversation continued on and went into deep details, even to the point of offending a group of patrons eating a few tables away from us. All in all, we met great success chatting with these sweet energetic young ladies from Flint.

A special note to all members, Eva (mentioned above) has made her email available to us. With her permission, we have passed her contact information on to you. Please don't abuse it, we want to attract and keep as many olderman friendly teens as we can. And keep them coming to you!

Printed with permission. - EVERY ARMPIT PORN SITE

young women will do ANYTHING for a bite of fine aged dick

Copyright 2004 - All rights reserved
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